An Educational & Service Project of
Karl's Kids Program, Inc.

Assistance Dog Advocacy Project (ADAP)
(c) Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
Kirsten Richards, Project Director

Educating the community and people with disabilities on Assistance Dogs. Also work with other organizations to advocate for Assistance Dogs and their handlers.

In some groups and in the ADA, a service dog covers all types of these specially trained working dogs for people with disabilities, but there are also others who refer to Service Dogs as one type of Assistance Dogs with Guide and Hearing Dogs in their own divisions.

When you read the ADA or something written by the Department of Justice (DOJ) remember they refer to the whole as Service Dogs. Some organizations such as IAADP (International Association of Assistance Dog Partners) uses term Assistance Dog with a breakdown.

Assistance Dogs:
1) Guide Dogs
2) Hearing Dogs
3) Service Dogs

Some other types of working dogs (none of these are Assistance Dogs):
1) ESA /ESD - Emotional Support Animals / Emotional Support Dogs
2) Companion Dogs - Trained dogs to work in the home. In many cases these dogs are career change dogs from a program who for one reason or another had to leave.
3) Therapy Dogs - owned by an individual to visit hospitals etc. to cheer people up or in some cases these dogs are used as demo dogs in presentations or workshops.

Besides advocating for Assistance Dogs we also do community service activities such as:

We collect the weight circles from any dry Purnina Dog or Cat food to help us assist disabled handlers in feeding their working partners.

Please help with this by mailing your weight circles to:
Karl's Kids Program, Inc.
P.O. Box 1989
Interlachen, FL 32148

In some areas we are able to give free CGC Tests to Service Dogs in Training.

For more information on Assistance Dogs visit Service Dog Central